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Metal&Wood Design Co. was born in the late 1990’s when Mike Whalen got his start in the metal recycling industry. As the new owner of Sullivan’s Scrap Metal, with locations in Philadelphia & Hatboro, PA, Mike fell in love with the business. Metal and Wood signs began to grow, inspired watching the recycling process, seeing new materials being created from old.

Searching for a way to combine his passion for sustainable production with his love of art and travel, Mike came up with the idea for Metal & Wood. M&W launched as a design company that produces the highest quality mementos, souvenirs & signage using ethically sourced materials and environmentally responsible production methods.

Today, you can find Metal&Wood’s designs at travel destinations, including many popular ski resorts, across the country. The company’s ethics remain the same as they’ve always been, connected to their humble roots in the recycling business and dedicated to creating products that people can feel good about.


M&W Design, Co is a full-service printing company that creates unique souvenirs and art pieces, using uniquely sustainable materials printed on metal and wood applications. Because we are creatives who care about our community and the world around us, we are proud to offer items made in America from ethically sourced FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified suppliers. We value conservation, we continuously work to reduce our carbon footprint, and above all, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers with exceptional quality products that make a positive impact.


  • Ethically Sourced
  • Committed to the highest quality raw materials
  • Fully American made products


  1. Certified B Corporation
  2. Committed to sound, ethical practices
  3. Humbly rooted in the recycling business

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