Wood stickers: Eco Friendly, Biodegradable & Sustainable

Small businesses are always looking for new ways to stand out from the competition. One way that many companies do this is by incorporating a logo or slogan on a custom-made wooden sign. It may be difficult to believe, but small wooden logos are actually one of the most popular items in the world. So, stickers are a great way to personalize your items and add a little flair to your everyday life. But what if you want to go green? If that’s the case, you’re in luck!

There are a lot of industries that aim to make their products as eco-friendly as possible. It’s an issue no one is willing to address, until now, because vinyl is a plastic substance that the earth cannot digest. Therefore, researchers develop a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to vinyl stickers. Companies have recently put out anti-plastic campaigns to prevent vinyl stickers from polluting our waterways. The sticker maker offers eco-friendly biodegradable wood stickers that are an alternative to classic stickers. That’s why most shop owners or others take wood stickers wholesale in bulk to do their marketing on some high level.

Wood Stickers are biodegradable stickers:

In contrast to traditional stickers, Wood Stickers are natural and biodegradable! The process of producing and consuming vinyl stickers is extremely toxic. When vinyl stickers break down, they release tiny pieces of microplastic, which end up polluting our waterways and land. When Wood Stickers break down, they leave behind only wood that can fully biodegrade and essentially turns into mulch. But what about wood stickers that break down over time? Stickers made out of wood will last just as long as regular stickers. As long as they are used indoors, they will last indefinitely. When exposed to the elements of the outdoors and dishwashing, they are expected to last up to two years.

Sustainably sourced wood:

The most common question about Wood Stickers is, “What about wood?”. Sustainable and ethically sourced wood is the main ingredient for most of the Stickers. To ensure that all wood products meet high standards, many sticker makers worked directly with FSC-certified wood suppliers. There are many sticker makers who want to make the earth more sustainable in the future.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Many companies are striving to make their Wood Stickers as eco-friendly as possible. A local print shop printed their hang tags on recycled content paper. Therefore, long transportation times should be cut down to reduce carbon emissions. Moreover, they package all their stickers in biodegradable bags. Compared to plastic, cellophane offers many of the same beneficial qualities as plastic, while resulting in fewer negative environmental effects.

Wood stickers are a great way to add a natural touch to your home and office. Made from natural paper, wood stickers are biodegradable, safe for kids, and easy to remove. Because of that, many shop owners or people who do marketing at a high level are taking wood stickers wholesale in bulk.


Mostly Asked Questions about Wood Sticks:

Why are wood stickers good?

Customizing items with wood stickers is an environmentally friendly and unique option. In proper conditions, they should last quite a while, though they will eventually biodegrade.

Are stickers made of wood durable?

Having wood stickers will no longer be a concern as they will last the same as traditional stickers. They can last for years if used indoors but can last as long as two years if exposed to the elements outside or dishwashing.

What are their chances of breaking?

No, they won’t bend against the grain. A vertically aligned grain is used in the manufacturing process. The sticker magically bends if you squeeze the side edges! If your fingers pinch the top or bottom edge (against the grain), you’re going to have a bad day.

Is it possible to put one in my car?

Yes! Protective clear coats are sprayed three times with the purpose of keeping moisture out and preventing UV damage. Outside the house, you can put wood stickers wherever you like. Wood is returned to its natural environment when you do this.  Also, you can put them in the dishwasher.

What is the environmental impact of stickers?

Neither the production nor consumption of vinyl stickers is environmentally friendly. It is caused by the breakdown of vinyl stickers that microplastics are released into the environment, ultimately polluting our land and waterways. During the degradation process, Wood Stickers only leave behind wood that is biodegradable.

Why are vinyl stickers not recommended?

Vinyl stickers cannot be recycled. Additionally, they cause a lot of microplastic waste to build up, which negatively affects the environment. They are also not biodegradable or compostable. Because they decompose in landfills and produce plastic flakes that contaminate our marine ecosystem, these products generate plastic flakes.

Final words:

Adding wood stickers to your sticker collection will increase its appeal. Laptops, mugs, phones, and many other items are the perfect place to place these stickers. The veneers are laser engraved and fabricated with a thin layer of wood veneer that is under 1MM thick. These decals are attached with a powerful adhesive. Are there additional benefits? Yes, their environmental benefits are also great. Because these are made of real wood, the grains, colors, and textures will vary. Considering these variations to be normal, the pieces are part of what makes them unique. Similarly, stained pieces will also display such variations. Normal use of the product may cause scratches, dentations, or other damage. Because of this, many business owners or those who handle marketing are buying wood stickers wholesale and in bulk.

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