Our Stubborn Mentality

At the heart of our ethos is a fierce commitment to sustainability, an unwavering resolve that shapes every aspect of our operations. We aren’t just saying we’re sustainable — we are stubborn about it. We lay it all out – where our materials come from, how we make our goods, and the real impact we have. No secrets, no bullshit, just the raw, unvarnished truth about what it takes to be truly sustainable.

How We Stay Stubbornly Sustainable

Our sustainability is not just a promise; it's something we live out every day and with every decision we make. From choosing ethical materials to implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes, we set high standards and try to outdo them. Our in-house production allows for unparalleled quality control, embodying our dedication to the planet and all its people.

  • Always Transparent

  • No Outsourcing

  • Ethics Over Profits

  • Endlessly Improving


B Corp.

We wear our B Corp™ certification as a badge of honor, a testament to our dedication to not just the environment, but also our employees, customers, and community. It's a commitment to doing business that goes beyond profit, striving for a positive impact on the world.

Made in USA

Our American-made ethos is more than a label; it's a reflection of our dedication to maintaining and exceeding sustainability and quality standards. By staying as local as possible, we can keep a close eye on production, ensure fair labor practices, and minimize our environmental impact.

  • Wood Sourced from Forest Stewardship Council

    Our wood products aren't just beautiful; they're also responsibly sourced. FSC certification means our wood comes from forests that are managed sustainably—good for the earth, great for your conscience.

  • Recycled Metal

    We turn discarded metal into cherished keepsakes, giving new life to materials that would otherwise go to waste. Our recycled metal products are a testament to our belief that sustainability and beauty can go hand in hand.

  • Sustainably Sourced Cotton

    All of our apparel is made from sustainably and ethically sourced cotton, and except for our hoodies, it is all 100% cotton.

  • Digital Printing

    Choosing digital printing means we avoid the harmful chemicals and water waste typical of traditional printing methods. It's cleaner for the environment and safer for our workers.

  • Eco-Friendly Ink

    Our products are as kind to the planet as they are to your skin. Using water-based inks means no toxic runoff, a staple in our quest for a cleaner planet.

  • Laser Cutting

    With our state-of-the-art TroTech lasers, we cut materials precisely with minimal waste and energy use. It's efficient, it's clean, and it's just another way we're committed to sustainability.

100% Biodegradable Packaging and Sustainable Displays

All of our packaging is as sustainable as possible — from biodegradable cellulose bags to ultra-degradable cardboard sourced from an ethical supplier, we're serious about reducing waste and encouraging good labor practices, even if it cuts into our profits. In addition, our displays are all made in house in order to have full control over what materials are used and how they are processed, and to spare the planet the cost of outsourcing.

Our Partnerships

One Tree Planted

For every order, we donate a tree to One Tree Planted to restore forests and biodiversity. It's our way of ensuring that with each purchase, our customers are directly contributing to reforestation efforts and environmental healing. Together we have helped to plant over 1,700 trees.

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Every purchase of our MuddWorks™ soap and shirts supports Water.org, helping provide clean water to communities in need. After extensive research, we went with Water.org due to their transparent and efficient use of donated funds.

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Public Land Alliance

Our sponsorship goes beyond the trade show booth; it supports the PLA's mission to protect public lands. And this year, we're proud to say their name tags are made of wood, not plastic, made by us right here in Pennsylvania.

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Smokey Bear

We partner with Smokey Bear to license designs for our keepsakes and apparel, so we aren’t going above and beyond — but the cool thing is, those licensing fees directly support the organization’s efforts in wildfire education, something near and dear to our hearts.

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Outdoor Industry Association

As members, we advocate for the outdoors at all levels of government, pushing for sustainable practices and funding for parks. It's not just a membership; it's our commitment to the great outdoors.

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Our Vision of Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is at the core of our mission, guiding our efforts to create a world where sustainability is not a privilege but a right. For us, it means actively contributing to a movement that ensures equitable access to a clean and healthy environment for all communities.

Serving Our Employees

Sustainability extends beyond our products to encompass how we treat our team. We're committed to creating a workplace that supports our employees' well-being, fosters their growth, and respects their rights. It's our belief that a truly sustainable business is one that uplifts everyone it touches.

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